Marine Fender Panels

  • PE1000 uhmwpe sheet marine fender facing pads dock bumper

    PE1000 uhmwpe sheet marine fender facing pads dock bumper

    Ultra-high molecular weiht polyethylene(UHMWPE) dock fender could avoid the impact damage between ships and dock. Because of the high impact resistance performance, UHMWPE dock fender instead of the traditional steel ones is widely used in ports and docks at world.

  • Uhmwpe Plastic Marine Fender Pad

    Uhmwpe Plastic Marine Fender Pad

    UHMWPE marine front pad at the front of the fender greatly reduces the surface pressure of the side of the ship. According to the need, the surface pressure can reach 26 tons/m 2, especially suitable for large ships berthing. Due to the high energy absorption of unit reverse force, it is especially suitable for offshore wharves, especially pier wharves.

  • UHMWPE marine fender pads

    UHMWPE marine fender pads

    Description: Product UHMWPE PE1000 marine dock fender pad Material 100% UHMWPE PE 1000 or PE 500 Standard Size 300*300mm , 900*900mm , 450*900mm … max 6000*2000mm customized size drawing shaped Thickness 30mm, 40mm, 50mm.. Range 10- 300mm can be customized. Color White, black, yellow, green, red, etc. Can produce as customer sample color. Use Use in port for protecting dock and ship when the ship close the dock. We can process as per customer draw...
  • Polyethylene PE1000 Marine Fender Pad-UHMWPE

    Polyethylene PE1000 Marine Fender Pad-UHMWPE

    UHMW PE is the strongest and toughest of all polyethylene grades for marine applications – even outlasting steel as a facing material, and many times better than timber facings. UHMW PE does not decay or rot, and is unaffected by marine borers. It is grain-free so will not splinter or crush, and can be cut, drilled and machined with ease. Most UHMW PE is supplied as Black – not just because this is the most economic choice, but also because black is manufactured using a double sintering process which work hardens the UHMW PE to further increase its abrasion resistance.

    UHMW PE is available in many other colors yellow, white, blue, green, red, grey or orange which can be used to make the fender system highly visible in poor weather or to demarcate zones along a berth. UHMW PE also comes in many thicknesses per project requirements and also can be provided in a re-processed grade for a more economical solution.

    UHMW PE can also be supplied in stand-alone applications not related to rubber fenders, for sliding surfaces that do not require any energy absorption.

  • Polyethylene PE1000 Marine Fender Pad-UHMWPE

    Polyethylene PE1000 Marine Fender Pad-UHMWPE

    UHMWPE dock  fender pad are made from virgin uhmwpe material, which is much superior to wood and rubber in building marine constructions or coastal protective structures. UHMWPE marine fenders allow vessels to glide easily along the surface, protecting hulls and dock structures. Impervious to mariine bore worms with minumum cleaning.