Bumper Anti-Impact Marine Fender Face Sheet UHMWPE Fender Pad

UHMWPE fender  is the first choice material for facing steel fender panels and other heavy duty applications. It combines very low friction with excellent impact strength and a wear resistance much better than steel.

We have more than 20 year' experience in engineering plastics, especially in PE plastics. We are the board members of SRICI and CPPIA . We participate in and draw the standard rules for plastic process.
We can make different UHMWPE Sheet according to different application .Like anti-UV resistant anti-static and with other characters , Best quality with good surface and color make our UHMWPE sheet more and more popular all over the world.

1.Uhmwpe sheet have abrasive resistance which always have in thermoelectricity polymer.

2.Uhmwpe sheet have best shock resistance even in low temperature.

3.Uhmwpe sheet have low frictional factor, and well sliding bearing material.

4.Uhmwpe sheet have lubricity( no caking, in adhesion) .

5.Uhmwpe sheet have best chemical corrosion resistance and stress craze resistance.

6.Uhmwpe sheet have excellent machinery process ability .

7.Uhmwpe sheet have lowest water absorption(<0.01%) .

8.Uhmwpe sheet have paragon electric insulativity and antistatic behavior .

9. Uhmwpe sheet have nice high energy radioactive resistance.

10. Uhmwpe sheet have density is lower than other thermoplastics (< 1g/m3).

11. Uhmwpe sheet have long using temperature range: -269°C--90°C.

The main performance comparison


High abrasion resistance

Materials UHMWPE PTFE Nylon 6 Steel A Polyvinyl fluoride Purple steel
Wear Rate 0.32 1.72 3.30 7.36 9.63 13.12


Good self-lubricating properties,low friction

Materials UHMWPE -coal Cast stone-coal Embroidered plate-coal Not embroidered plate-coal Concrete coal
Wear Rate 0.15-0.25 0.30-0.45 0.45-0.58 0.30-0.40



High impact strength, good toughness

Materials UHMWPE Cast stone PAE6 POM F4 A3 45#
Impact strength 100-160 1.6-15 6-11 8.13 16 300-400



Post time: Sep-11-2023