PEEK series

  • Unfilled virgin grade peek plate high temperature resistance peek sheet

    Unfilled virgin grade peek plate high temperature resistance peek sheet

    PEEK offers a unique combination of high mechanical properties, temperature resistance (-50°C to +250°c) and excellent chemical resistance, making it the mostpopular advanced plastics material. PEEK is also self-extinguishing according to UL 94 VO.

  • CF30% PEEK Rod Sheet

    CF30% PEEK Rod Sheet

    CF30 PEEK is 30% carbon fiber reinforced polyetheretherketone.

    The addition of carbon fibers enhances the compressive strength and stiffness of PEEK, and dramatically lowers its expansion rate. It offers designers optimum wear resistance and load carrying capability in a PEEK-based product.

  • Natural PEEK Sheet

    Natural PEEK Sheet

    Extruded PEEK SHEET PEEK offers excellent mechanical strength, high chemical and hydrolysis resistance, and high steam and radiation resistance.It has a broad application space related to aviation, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, automobiles, and other high-tech industry, mechanical parts and accessory can be manufactured in stringent requirements, such as gears, bearings, piston rings, supporting ring, sealing ring (letter), valves, and other wear circle.Its excellent thermal properties make it suitable for the applications used in very high temperatures, while it keeps its physical properties from being affected by the external environment.

  • High temperature resistance peek rod

    High temperature resistance peek rod

    PEEK is a high-performance engineering plastic with outstanding resistance to harsh chemicals. Unfilled PEEK is naturally abrasion resistant. Custom cuts and cut-to-size pieces. Have machined into fabricated parts.