Stain resistance HDPE dual color sheet HDPE orange peel sheet HDPE 3 layers plastic sheet

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BEYOND HDPE sheets are environmental friendly products because they are completely recyclable. As the environmental issue is so important, we are all responsible to protect the environment. We should be making efforts by choosing products that are recyclable.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 3.2/ Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Place of Origin:: TianJin, China
  • Brand Name:: BEYOND
  • Model Number:: HDPE Sandwish Sheets
  • Material:: HDPE
  • Thickness:: 8-20mm
  • Size:: 1220*2440mm & customized,
  • Processing Service:: Cutting, Moulding
  • Certificate:: ISO9001
  • Application:: Billboard,Animal house,Children playground,Toys
  • Packing:: plastic film+wood pallet and strip
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    Product Detail:

    As the big thermoplastic sheet manufacturer in China, BEYOND supplies both Single and Dual(double) Color HDPE Sheet (plate, board, panel) for meeting market requirement. BEYOND has the most advanced Extruding machines to produce high quality HDPE sheet with composite material under the certain pressure and temperature.

    HDPE sheet is waxy and has a low friction coefficient. It is more popular to use as the wear strip on conveyors or production lines.

    HDPE Sheet is resistant to organic solvents, acids, caustic soda (NaOH), thinners, fruit juices, water and fat. And it is harmless and can have direct contact with drinking water and food.

    Color:  Red/Yellow/Red, Blue/Black/Blue, Blue/Yellow/Blue, Green/Purple/Green, Purple/Black/Purple, Red/Yellow/Red, White/Black/White

    We supply this plastic board in the equivalent of 8 x 4 ft sheets (2440mm x 1220mm) and in 3 thicknesses - 12.7mm 15mm, and 19mm. other sizes can be customized.

    If you don't need the layered colours we also supply a solid coloured board/sheets too.


    Product Advantages: 

    HDPE sandwich board is Low maintenance, Easy to clean, Durable, Keeps its colour all year round.

    1.Best Price

    We are a company integrating industry and trade, and there is no middleman to make a profit. We can provide you with the best quality service and the best price.


     We offer a CNC service whereby you can send us a design, or we can design for you any pattern, shape, letter, number, or wood and have it cut out on our in-house CNC machine.


    We provide HDPE Sandwich Boars in various sizes and thicknesses. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, OEM and ODM are accepted.

    4.Experenced R&D Team

    Our company has its own laboratory, and we are constantly optimizing our products. We provide you with a three-year warranty and excellent after-sales service.

    The BEYOND HDPE sheets are being produced for the applications of both indoor and outdoor. They are all UV stabilized guaranteed for at least 8 years.

    Unlike other materials, BEYOND HDPE sheets do not rot,splinter, chip, swell, and it is also termite resistant. It offers a much longer life span compare to other materials. Its properties do not change even it is being installed outdoor,or at anywhere under the harsh weather and condition.BEYOND HDPE sheets have very low water absorption rate that discourages moulds and fungus from growing

    BEYOND HDPE sheets are colored sheets and you can choose any color you like. It can also be easily cleaned by using a pressure washer and its non-stick surface makes graffiti difficult.
    Taking into consideration of the advantages offered, working with BEYOND HDPE sheets can definitely help in labour and material cost saving. It saves maintenance costs in long run too.

    Product Feature:

    Can be cut into to reveal the under layer for the purpose of having patterns, numbers, letters or words.

    We offer a CNC service whereby you can send us a design, or we can design for you any pattern, shape, letter, number or wood and have it cut out on our in-house CNC machine.

    Colour:  Blue/Black/Blue, Blue/Yellow/Blue, Green/Purple/Green, Purple/Black/Purple, Red/Yellow/Red

    We supply this plastic board in the equivalent of 8 x 4 foot sheets (2440mm x 1220mm) and in 3 thicknesses - 12.7mm 15mm, and 19mm.

    Product Testing:

    Product Certificate:


    Product Performance:


    Unit Value
    Density g/cm3 0.93-0.96
    Average molecular weight g/mol 3million- 10 million
    Tensile strength (23°C in air) MPa 22
    Breaking strength MPa 42
    Tensile strain at break % 600
    Charpy impact strength (notched) mJ/mm2 No break
    Ball indentation hardness N/mm2 42
    Shore D hardness -- 65-70
    Abrasion % 70-80, steel = 100
    Static Friction Coefficient --  ≤0.16
    Kinetic Friction Coefficient -- ≤0.10
    Water Absorption -- NIL
    Elongation at break at 23 degress % ≥300
    Temperature resistance °C -269 to +85
    Melt Temperature °C 130-140

    Product Packing:

    Product Application:

    Dutdoor recreational facilities / Sports venues / Carved signs door house furniture / Playground Equipment Decorative Elements / Prototype


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    We look forward to receiving your any enquiries

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