Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene UHMWPE Sheet

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Also known as UHMWPE or UPE. It is an unbranched linear polyethylene with a molecular weight of more than 1.5 million. Its molecular formula is —(—CH2-CH2—)—n—. It has a density range from 0.96 to 1 g/cm3. Under the pressure of 0.46MPa, its heat distortion temperature is 85 degrees Celsius, and its melting point is about 130 to 136 degrees Celsius.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 3.2/ Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Product Detail:

    UHMWPE is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with a linear structure with excellent comprehensive properties. UHMWPE is a polymer compound that is difficult to process, and has many excellent properties such as super wear resistance, self-lubrication, high strength, stable chemical properties, and strong anti-aging properties.

    It has shown great advantages in the high-performance engineering plastics market, from mooring lines in offshore oil fields to high-performance lightweight composites. At the same time, it plays a pivotal role in the fields of aviation, aerospace, and maritime defense equipment in modern warfare.


    Product Specification


    10mm - 260mm

    Standard Size



    0.96 - 1 g/cm3


    Smooth and embossed (anti-skid)


    Nature, white, black, yellow, green, blue, red, etc

    Processing Service

    CNC machining, milling, moulding, fabrication and assembly

     Product Type

    CNC Machining

    We provide CNC machining services for UHMWPE sheet or bar.

    We can provide the precise dimensions according to request. Or custom shapes, industrial mechanical parts and mechanical transmission equipment such as rails, chutes, gears, etc.



    Milling Surface

    The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet produced by compression molding, it has excellent wear resistance and impact resistance.

    With such a production technical, the product is not flat enough. It needs to do surface milling for some applications where a flat surface required and make uniform thickness of UHMWPE sheet.


    Product Certificate


    Performance Comparison


    High abrasion resistance

    Materials UHMWPE PTFE Nylon 6 Steel A Polyvinyl fluoride Purple steel
    Wear Rate 0.32 1.72 3.30 7.36 9.63 13.12


    Good self-lubricating properties,low friction

    Materials UHMWPE -coal Cast stone-coal Embroidered plate-coal Not embroidered plate-coal Concrete coal
    Wear Rate 0.15-0.25 0.30-0.45 0.45-0.58 0.30-0.40 0.60-0.70


    High impact strength, good toughness

    Materials UHMWPE Cast stone PAE6 POM F4 A3 45#
    Impact strength 100-160 1.6-15 6-11 8.13 16 300-400 700

    Product Packing:


    Product Application:

    The following is to share the application of UHMWPE sheet in combination with the actual use of our customers.

    Indoor Ice Sports Venue

    In indoor ice sports venues such as skating, ice hockey, and curling, we can always see UHMWPE sheets. It has excellent low temperature resistance, wear resistance and toughness, and can function normally in ultra-low temperature environment without common plastic aging such as poor toughness and embrittlement.


    Mechanical Buffer Pad / Road Plate
    The buffer pads or bearing pads of the outriggers of construction machinery and equipment often need to have very high strength and toughness, which can reduce the deformation of the pad itself when subjected to force, and provide more stable support for construction machinery. And UHMWPE is an ideal material for making pads or mats. With similar application requirements are road plates, we offer UHMWPE sheets with a non-slip and wear-resistant surface suitable for heavy-duty truck driving.


    Food and Medical

    The food industry clearly points out that all materials that come into contact with food must be non-toxic, water-resistant and non-adhesive. UHMWPE is considered to be one of the materials that can be in direct contact with food. It has the advantages of no water absorption, no cracking, no deformation, and no mildew, making it an ideal accessory material for beverage and food conveyor lines. UHMWPE has good cushioning, reduced noise, reduced wear, low maintenance costs, and reduced power loss. Therefore, it can also be used to manufacture parts in production equipment such as meat deep processing, snacks, milk, candy and bread.


    Wear-resistant Accessories

    Once the wear resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) was discovered, the super wear resistance made it unique, attracting a large number of users and firmly occupying a place in wear-resistant accessories, especially chain guides. Benefiting from its excellent wear resistance and impact resistance, it is widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry and can be used to make various mechanical parts such as gears, cams, impellers, rollers, pulleys, bearings, bushings, cut shafts, gaskets, elastic couplings, screws, etc.



    The 3 million molecular weight polyethylene sheet has extremely high wear resistance, low friction coefficient, weather resistance and low maintenance cost, making it the preferred material for fenders in port terminals. UHMWPE fenders are very easy to install to steel, concrete, wood and rubber.


    Silo Lining / Carriage Lining

    The high wear resistance, high impact resistance and self-lubricating properties of UHMWPE sheet make it suitable for the lining of hoppers, silos and chutes of coal, cement, lime, mines, salt and grain powdery materials. It can effectively avoid the adhesion of the conveyed material and ensure a stable transportation.

    dump truck liners (6)

    Nuclear Industry

    Taking full advantage of the self-lubricating, non-water-absorbing, and strong anti-corrosion properties of UHMWPE, we can modify it into exclusive plates and parts suitable for the nuclear industry, nuclear submarines, and nuclear power plants. It is worth mentioning that these uses cannot be accomplished by metal materials.

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